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The Excel status bar in a worksheet provides useful information at a glance, while also providing quick access to some features.

It can be found at the bottom of your worksheet.

excel status bar location

From the status bar, you can:

  1. Scroll through the worksheet
  2. Navigate between worksheets
  3. See a quick summary of information contained in the worksheet
  4. Zoom in or out of the worksheet
  5. Change the worksheet view

Navigating between worksheets

If you have several worksheets, you can use the navigation buttons to scroll through and select the one you wish to work on.

You can also right click on the navigation icon, and it will display a list of worksheets that you have.

Select the worksheet you want to work on, then click OK.

Quick calculations

The status bar can also display totals, averages, counts when you select a range.

As you can see, we selected the Unit price range from G2 to G11, and the average for that range is 364.00, while the count of cells we selected is 10, and the sum or total of that range is 3,640.00.

This is useful when you just want to see a quick calculation from a range of data that you are working on.

Zooming in and out

While working on a worksheet you can zoom in to focus on a specific area, or zoom out to view a large range of the worksheet.

Use the zoom slider found at the right of the status bar to zoom in or out.

If you right click on it, you can also provide a custom zoom percentage.

Worksheet page views

In Excel, you can switch between 3 views, normal, page layout or print preview layout in the worksheet you are working on.

The options are available at the bottom right of the status bar.

excel page view options

Normal view

The normal view is where you would do your work.

When you open Excel, it will be in normal view.

excel normal view

Page layout view

The second button offers a page layout view as shown below.

excel page layout view
excel page layout view

Page break preview

The page break preview offers a a preview of what your worksheet would look like when printed.

excel page break preview
excel page break preview

Customising the status bar

You can add or remove items from the status bar according to your preference.

To do this, right click on the status bar, and you will be able to select or deselect items.

excel customise status bar

The items with a green tick are selected and will appear on the status bar.

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This article is also available in: Bahasa Malaysia Bahasa Indonesia